On May 18, 1947, the Central Baptist Church of Amarillo, Texas authorized the establishment of a church of like faith in Pampa, Texas.

There were three charter members with a vision to start the Fundamental Baptist Church (now known as Bible Baptist Church)

The church called H.M. Hutchison of Denton, Texas, on January 1948, to be their first pastor. Hutchison pastored the church from 1948-1963 and led the church to a growth of nearly four hundred members.

The church has had a total of eleven different pastors since its inception. Every pastor of the church has been faithful through ups and downs to uphold their Biblical convictions with strong preaching, teaching sound doctrines, uncompromising standards, winning the lost through personal soul winning, and being involved in sending missionaries throughout the world through Faith Promise Giving.

Pastor Bob Hudson pastored the church for 25 years from 1993-2018 before retiring from the full-time pastorate and assuming the title of Pastor Emeritus. He continues to be actively be involved in the preaching and outreach ministries of our church.

Pastor Paul Hudson, having grown up here during his teenage years, now considers it an honor to serve and lead this congregation. He has a heart for our church to grow and to be what God wants us to be. He also has a desire for Pampa to be a God-fearing city that is truly blessed by God. 

Service times


Sunday School – 10:00 am
Morning Service – 11:00 am
Evening Service – 5:00 pm


Bible Study & Prayer – 6:00 pm
FBI Club (ages 4-10)
Youth Group (11-19)


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