Soul Winning
Every week we go into the community to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see lost souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it is eternally too late.

Discipleship is simply teaching the truths of the Word of God with another person in order to help them grow spiritually. We offer the “Continue” discipleship course freely, and we can schedule someone to personally guide you on a weekly basis through each lesson.

24/7 Youth Ministries
The youth class meets every Sunday at 10:00 AM, Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM, as well as for regularly scheduled activities. It is for the youth ages 11-19. The theme is based on Exodus 24:7 which says, “And he took the book of the covenant, and read in the audience of the people:and they said, All that the Lord hath said will we do, and be obedient.”

Music Ministry
The music that we use is both conservative and Christ-honoring by emphasizing lyrics with a Biblical message and a melody-centered sound. Music should bring glory to God and prepare our hearts to receive the preaching of His Word; not excite the fleshly senses and create in us a desire to dance.

Children’s Ministry
We offer a children’s ministry where your children will be cared for and taught a practical lesson from the Bible. We sing spiritual songs with them, and also encourage them to personally learn God’s Word, develop Godly character, and live by Biblical principles. They meet every Sunday at 9:00 AM.

Hospital Visitation
Please let us know if you or a loved one is sick and in the hospital and we will make every effort to visit and pray with them as soon as possible.

Prayer Meeting
Every Saturday morning we have a Prayer Meeting at 9:00 am. God has been answering several prayers recently, and we encourage you to join us in prayer.

Nursing Home Ministry
Brother Taylor leads the Nursing Home Ministry at the Coronado Healthcare Center every Saturday at 10:00 AM reaching the residents and those who care for them!

Prison Ministry
The Prison Ministry is at the Jordan and Baten Units. Bro. Hudson has a great burden for the prisoners’ salvation and spiritual growth.

Pam Apartments
The Pam Apartments Bible Study meets every Wednesday at 1:00 PM.

Funeral Ministry
We would like to be of assistance to you during your time of grief and loss. Please inform us immediately concerning your loss, so that we can pray for you. We would also be willing to freely provide a funeral service with preaching from the Word of God and the singing of spiritual songs.

Bible-based counseling is provided freely upon request. We believe that God’s Word provides a solution to all of life’s problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the Pastor.

Service times


Sunday School – 10:00 am
Morning Service – 11:00 am
Evening Service – 5:00 pm


Bible Study & Prayer – 6:00 pm
FBI Club (ages 4-10)
Youth Group (11-19)


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